Saturday, January 31, 2015

Week 3

Did it:

Kim--My goal for this week was to declutter and organize my bedroom--which was great because I found the missing library book and my missing calendar!



  1. I wish I had time this past week, but I have to admit that I failed miserably. I didn't spend even a minute on the deep clean goals I had. Next week will be better!

  2. I dreaded starting the kitchen. One cupboard at a time...All I have left is the oven and dishwasher. I plan on finishing them next week.

  3. So glad the kitchen and dining room are a week a piece! I need both weeks just to finish my kitchen! I've been learning along the way though. My new best friend is Mr. Razor Blade! It has helped SO MUCH on every deep cleaning project I've done. Stove top, faucet (hard water), floor, under fridge, windows and so on!! Walmart sells a nice 2 piece set in their cleaning isle. It's been a game changer for me.